A Testimonial From our Local Schools:

     I am Pleased to be able to write this letter of excellence for Kicks Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing. For the past 2 years KICKS has introduced to our school the many principals of Tae Kwon Do. Last year during our school carnival, KICKS and their students, many being our students also, performed demonstrations that emphasized the importance of respect, discipline and team work. In cooperation with our school’s zero tolerance for bullying, KICKS has presented several effective assemblies about the responsibility of students to defeat bullying on our campus. During these assemblies, KICKS has demonstrated to students various strategies they could use against bullies and how they can assist students who are being bullied.

Our staff believes that the principles of Tae Kwon Do will positively impact student achievement. KICKS is in the process of organizing and offering classes for students after school. This is another demonstration of KICKS’ passion to help our school age students adjust to the many emotional, social and academic demands they face on a daily basis.

            Reche Canyon Elementary School is thankful for the time and commitment that KICKS has given our students. We are confident that our students will be encouraged to be more responsible and academically successful that’s to the contributions of KICKS.


Diane Mumper, Principal of Reche Canyon Elementary School.


Black Belt Essay of the Month

What it means to be a Black Belt

by Jacob Langford 10yrs old

Being a Black Belt means to be ‘Level 10 all the time. Whether you are at school , home, church, friends house, any where you go.  If you are a black belt and you act ‘Level 2, you don’t deserve your black belt.  You should also be ‘Level 10 around everyone you know and be a role model for younger people.  You should also be ‘Level 10 around your parents and siblings.  Also being a Black Belt means you don’t do any martial arts on anybody except if you are getting attacked or you are practicing on a bag or pad.  Also if you are mean or grouchy you don’t deserve a Black Belt. If you attack a person and they weren’t attacking you, you don’t deserve your Black Belt.  In conclusion, I think being a Black Belt means to be honest, respectful, ‘Level 10 and disciplined.


What has TaeKwonDo done for me?

Written by Amayah Brown

9yrs old

I first started TaeKwonDo after visiting a class with my dad. He asked if I would like to take lessons. I said yes, I thought it would be fun to learn how to punch, kick and how to use nunchucks. I discovered that it takes hard work and a lot more than kicking and punching. TaeKwonDo is about self-control and focus and if you don’t focus you will not be able to remember your forms. It means fun to me. TaeKwonDo is hard work. I have learned how to stay fit and healthy. I have met new friends, exercised, self-defense, teamwork and how to be kind. As the youngest in the family this is something that me and my dad enjoy together.


More Testimonials

“How time can pass by so fast for you. It is now 4 years for me at KICKS, and I am still going strong. When I started i was a size 28 and now I am a size 12. I still find classes exciting, invigorating, and challenging! Each day I can see and feel changes happening to me. Before KICKS I could never see myself this size, but now I can see myself 30lbs thinner. This time I have no doubt in my mind that I will achieve it and more. If there is one thing I could say to everyone joining, it is to never give up and push yourself. It is the only way to reach your goals. These classes really work.” –Instrcutor April Sinclair

“My two children, Greg, Branden and myself joined Kicks Tae Kwon Do approximately 3 years ago.  Since then, I have witnessed my sons develop into self-confident, motivated and hard working young men.  Both Greg and Branden attribute their positive attitude to the training and encouragement they have received from Master Kit. Most teenagers tend to emotionally drift away from their parents during this period of their life, I am lucky because I train at Kicks daily with my boys, and so we are always together.  For me, the training and friendships I have developed at Kicks Tae Kwon Do has personally changed my life.   Before I joined Kicks, I suffered from chronic back pain, and felt ‘stressed-out’ all the time.  My back pain is gone, and I now live life virtually stress free.  The first time I walked into Kicks, I noticed something I had never seen before, not only an immaculate studio with all the necessary equipment to ensure safety and the best training, the instructors, staff and other students embrace you.   In addition, training with Master Kit is inspiring.  He encourages all of his students, he is uplifting, and a wonderful teacher, not only in Tae Kwon Do, but also on how martial artists should live our daily lives.  I have recently earned my black belt and I am ready to begin my journey. Attaining my black belt has been a life long dream for me, I train twice as hard now and love every second of my training.  I will always treasure every experience I have had at Kicks and I feel confident that if I live my life using the tools I have learned at Kicks I will overcome life’s hurdles and I will succeed.   I encourage everyone to visit one of our studios, and bring your family and friends with you, the rewards are endless!”  Denise McDonald.

“Since vowing to the challenges that Kicks Tae Kwon Do has presented me, my self-esteem has never been higher my confidence never greater and I’m in the best physical condition of my entire life.” Rod Hardman

“Because of Kicks Tae Kwon do I have become a leader and a teacher. I think I have become more of a man, as well as a position with Kicks as an Instructor.” Brennan Wilkerson

T.K.D has changed my life by helping me have more self confidence and self control. I really enjoy the contact of the sport and everything it has taught me. I will strive and go as high as I can in T.K.D.” Eric Dillon

Tae Kwon do has given me more strength and more muscles! It has given me more Confidence in school and in soccer! Rhobyn Reese

“Training at Kicks in Tae Kwon do has given me the confidence in my daily routines. I walk taller and accomplish more knowing that I can do anything. Tae Kwon do has given me an outlet for stress relief and physical fitness. He has also given me the kind of positive thinking and attitude that I can pass on to everyone I encounter.” Anonymous 

“Kicks Tae Kwon Do has done nothing but influenced my life in a positive manner. Having already been athletic when I started Tae Kwon Do, my physical endurance and stamina did increase, but my utmost benefit has predominantly been one of a mental nature. Sure, classes are physically demanding, but I think that my greatest rewards have come from achieving a better sense of who I am as an individual. This has not only led to a positive impact on my confidence but my self-esteem as well. I have learned that in order to become a great martial artist, as well as a person in general, I must possess both the desire and the attitude. At Kicks, we are taught how striving for a black belt and actually obtaining a black belt can enhance our everyday lives. Being a part of the “healthy competition,” that we practice at Kicks, has helped me to become more aware of my emotions AND how to control them. Remember, not only are we to behave like black belts in class as well as out of class, but ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!” Denise Reese

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