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 Grand Master Kit Mattson is the founder of KICKS



Master Jeff Mascolina is the Master Instructor at KICKS Riverside

Our goal at KICKS is to have all students excel in Martial Arts and in Life. 

At KICKS we believe that martial arts is more than just kicking and punching. Students here are guided in a way that will help them achieve greatness in school, at home and in life. Some of the big areas we cover at KICKS is how to be a leader and develop skills for self-discipline. We believe it is important to have children listen the 1st time to teachers and parents. While developing these skills, we have notice a positive change with the relationship and respect with family, and from school, an increase in positive behavioral reports and better grades as well as higher test scores.

In our student’s day to day training, they have the opportunity to train from traditional self-defense, weapons training, sparring, ground training, bully prevention tips and much more! Our goal is to empower the students to defend themselves with their hands and their feet, on the ground or standing, but most importantly, with their mind. We encourage students to use their words first. We also tell them to use their ability to be a leader and stay out of bad situations and the wrong group of people who find themselves in trouble. Although they are trained to defend themselves in various situations, we don’t encourage fighting.

KICKS has been around for over 20 years and founded by Grand Master Kit Mattson, a world champion in TaeKwondo and a member of the TaeKwondo Hall of Fame. His teacher is Grand Master Moon Kyu Im, a Korean National Military leader and hero. He also is a representative for the World TaeKwonDo Federation for the Western Region and gives us the opportunity to certify our Black Belts directly through Korea and Kukkiwon. Master Jeff Mascolina is the master instructor for the Riverside location and has over 25 years of martial arts experience. He has been teaching for over 15 years and has a way of teaching to all age levels and abilities. He also works with special needs children with ADD/ADHD, Autism and different forms of physical handicaps. He has had great success with these specific students helping them to no longer need mediaction for attention issues, giving students who couldn’t fit in to other sports a place to thrive as well as giving students a chance to live out their dream of become a Black Belt!   


Our Mission at KICKS is to…

Provide the finest positive instruction in the mental, physical and character building aspects in the martial arts.


To provide personal attention in training for success.


To provide the best facilities in the area.


To create a safe, positive, enthusiastic, environment.


To provide inspiration of personal excellence through our example as BlackBelts, both in and out of the Dojo/School.


Click here to read a few of our TESTIMONIALS from our community, parents & students.

Also click here to help you with some FREQUENTLEY ASKED QUESTIONS.


“Building Strong Minds and Bodies”         “We Transform Lives”       “Striving For Black Belt Excellence”



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