Monthly Newsletter

Summer Camps are back! Our summer camps are a blast. You don’t won’t to miss out on any of the fun this summer. Our whole summer schedule is planned so try to work your vacations around these dates. Camps are already starting to fill up. There is a sign up sheet in the lobby for our July camp. Our first Avengers summer camp was a success! Next will be our Ninja Turtle Summer Camp from July 9th – 13th. Our final Summer Camp will be our Star Wars camp from July 30th – Aug 3rd. Sign up today by calling 951 776-2829 or register in the lobby. 

Summer Sale: Monday July 2nd – 6th. This is a chance to stock up on all of your T-shirts & uniforms also get great deals on weapons, patches and much more. You can pre-order our new design for our T-shirts & uniforms. Sale ends soon so don’t miss your chance to save.  

Tournament Team Practice: July 6th & July 20th. There will also be an additional practice on Saturday July 7th at 9:30am. Please bring all of your sparring gear and a good pair of shoes. Let’s get ready for next sparring season!

Stripe Week: July 30th – August 2nd / Graduation Day: Friday August 3rd at 6pm

Leadership / Action Team: Saturday July 7th at 10:45am

Demo Team: Friday August 3rd at 4:30pm

Lose Weight

The best way to lose weight and get in shape is through great exercise and eating right. We have both! We offer great fitness classes to help you reach your fitness goals. Also we offer a nutrition guide that will help you step by step meals and helpful tips. Even if you are looking for a healthy snack or meal replacement, we offer our Elite Health & Nutrition supplement. Talk to Master Jeff on how we can help you on your New Year’s goals.

School Talks

Be the first to have your instructors come to your class or the whole school. We come to your school for FREE and talk about Stranger Danger, Bully Prevention, Drug Awareness, Classroom focus and much, much more. Grab one of our handouts to give to your teacher and we will schedule a day. Thank you for helping your school.

Protein Sale

Looking to lose weight and get in shape? One of the first steps is eating right and making good choices. If you haven’t tried our protein yet, you are going to like it! It’s easy to mix and blend and it tastes good too. Right now it’s on sale for $20 (normally $45). It comes in chocolate and vanilla & it comes with a meal plan to show you how to use and start losing weight today! Stop in the school and pick one up.

Student of the Month

Khamari Trueheart

Thank you for pushing yourself. Your efforts are paying off! You are so close to earning your next belt. Keep working Level 10!


July Nominations

We are always looking for the hardest working and most focused students in class. We have noticed the following student and their efforts to move up to the next level of training. This will allow you to start learning how to spar, weapons training, ground self-defense plus more advanced kicks! Congratulations to:

Andre Abou-habib, Connor Kennedy & Jacob Smith


This month’s weapons

July 2nd: Advanced kicks

July 9th: Sticks / Bo Staff

July 16th: Chucks / Double Chucks

July 23rd: Sticks / Bo Staff

July 30th: Stars / Sword

General Knowledge

3 Rules of Focus: Focus your eyes / focus your mind / focus your body, sir!

Black Belt Success Cycle: Know what you want / have a plan / and a success coach / take consistent action / review your progress / renew your goals, sir!





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