Monthly Newsletter

Break Through for a Cure: Our event will happen from March 13th – 15th in your class. You can participate one time in any of the classes on those days. KICKS is partnering up with the American Cancer Society to help find a cure. With every board broken it helps get closer to finding a cure for cancer. Students will have 30 seconds to break as many boards as possible. The average student breaks 15 boards in 30 seconds. You can ask family, friends, co-workers, neighbors to help sponsor. Donations begin at $1 per board. Students who get 6 sponsors receive a free event T-shirt. The student who receives the most sponsors receive a free week of summer camp! Thank you in advance to everyone who participates in our event and to all of the sponsors who make our fundraiser a success!

New Schedule: Starting February 1st, if you participate in our Friday program there is a new class schedule. Click here to see the new schedule

Tournament Team: Congratulations to Team KICKS! We are very proud of everyone who competed at the Yushen Lai Tournament! Keep up the great work! Here are the links to the final 2 tournaments of the season. Saturday March 30th at Cal Poly Pomana, you can register at and Saturday May 18th at the Industry Expo you can register at

Stripe Week: Mar 18th – Mar 21st / Graduation Day: Friday Mar 22nd at 6pm

Action Team / Leadership: Saturday March 16th from 9:30am – 10am (Action Team) March 16th from 10am – 10:30am (Leadership Team) 

Tournament Team: Saturday March 16th from 10:30am – 12noon

Demo Team: Friday March 22nd at 4:30pm

Lose Weight

The best way to lose weight and get in shape is through great exercise and eating right. We have both! We offer great fitness classes to help you reach your fitness goals. Also we offer a nutrition guide that will help you step by step meals and helpful tips. Even if you are looking for a healthy snack or meal replacement, we offer our Elite Health & Nutrition supplement. Talk to Master Jeff on how we can help you on your New Year’s goals.

School Talks

Be the first to have your instructors come to your class or the whole school. We come to your school for FREE and talk about Stranger Danger, Bully Prevention, Drug Awareness, Classroom focus and much, much more. Grab one of our handouts to give to your teacher and we will schedule a day. Thank you for helping your school.

Student of the Month

Lexander Lujano

Congratulations on earning your Black Belt! You have put in a lot of hard work. You have had many obstacles stand in your way to Black Belt, but you never let them stop you! Your dedication is amazing! After you broke your leg, you would still come and watch and support the team in a wheelchair. We are very proud of you Lex and happy that you have become one of our newest Black Belts!

This month’s weapons

Mar 4th: Advanced kicks 

Mar 11th:Chucks / Double Chucks

Mar 18th: Sticks / Bo Staff

Mar 25th: Stars / Sword

General Knowledge

3 Rules of Focus: Focus your eyes / focus your mind / focus your body, sir!

Black Belt Success Cycle: Know what you want / have a plan / and a success coach / take consistent action / review your progress / renew your goals, sir!





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