Master’s Club




The Benefits of Membership:

Special Classes Designed Specifically for Masters Club Members
Masters Club Specials Events, social activities and tournaments
TOP GUN Demonstration Team Participation (optional)
The lowest, per-class tuition prices
Exclusive Masters Club Uniform & Patch
Discounts on school events and seminars
Membership in a national program
Black belt candidate training classes
Weapons Training In: Nuchucks, Arnis, Throwing Stars, Sport Sword, Bo Staff
Ju-Jitsu Training
Olympic Sparring Classes (optional)
All Initial Equipment is provided



Monday Night Weapons Class
Wednesday Master’s Club Olympic Sparring Class, Full Gear Required
Friday Weapons*/ JuJitsu*/ Forms*


Take your Black Belt training to the next level by joining Master’s Club.  In order to be eligible for Master’s club, you must qualify by having (1) Blue Belt or higher; (2) Regular Attendance; and (3) A Master’s Attitude!

Once you have have joined Master’s Club, you will be trained in more advanced weaponry, and advanced kicks.  As well as a  training curriculum that will provide you with a greater depth of Martial Arts and the opportunity to be an instructor in the training program!

If you are ready to become the best, talk to the program manager today for more details.

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