One Fitness Class is equal to taking over 10,000 Steps!!!


Burn up to 1000 calories/hour

Weight loss

Increased cardiovascular endurance

Increased muscular strength

Increased muscular endurance

Increased flexibility

Increased metabolic rate

Increased muscle tone

Decreased body fat composition

Practical self-defense skills

Stress relief

Release of feel-good endorphins



“Fitness Classes at KICKS are your best defense in the fight against fat!”

Fitness Magazine rated aerobic kickboxing as THE NUMBER ONE CALORIE BURNING WORKOUT at over 1,000 calories burned an hour!  It’s an exhilarating, thigh-burning, calorie-crunching workout that’s taking America by storm!  Classes are for adults only, you wear regular workout clothes, there’s no belts or uniforms, no physical contact, and there’s no experience necessary.

What is Fitness Kickboxing?
Fitness Kickboxing is a cardio-vascular workout based on martial art techniques.  The 30-minute class teaches basic karate moves with an aerobics twist.  The class is set to music and the bags are the only things that get hit.  The class starts with a rhythmic limbering warm-up, and then progresses to the best workout of your life!  Students get to use their own heavy bag to punch and kick so they can establish their own pace.  Class then winds down with some strengthening exercises, pushups, and abdominal work, before ending with a well-deserved stretching routine.

Want to take your results to the next level? You’ve got to try our Lean & Fit Program. What is Lean & Fit you ask? It is a chance to train with our Kickboxing results with the benefits of a personal trainer and a nutritionist! We will help guide you and coach you to the best shape of your life. Our trainers will track your progress, give you a meal plan that will turn your metabolism into high gear. Also you get to join in on our shape & tone classes to firm and strengthen your arms, legs, bottom and flatten your belly. We will help get you that Beach Body in 10 weeks or less!!  

Why is KICKS Fitness Kickboxing better than other Aerobics Classes?
KICKS Fitness Kickboxing takes the music, excitement and energy of an aerobics workout and does it one better!  Other workouts can tone your thighs, buttocks and hips, but ours does it while teaching you self-defense techniques like jabbing, kicking, punching and blocking.  You’re not just mindlessly dancing around — you’re learning to protect yourself!  The class can burn up to 800 calories an hour, which puts it among the top aerobic activities.  Fitness Kickboxing has everything your Aerobics class does, plus an added bonus!  
The punching and kicking skills learned in our program could one day save your life! Can your Aerobics class do that?



Before & After

One of our Fitness Kickboxers lost over 80 pounds and got in the best shape of her life!







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