Take a minute to meet some of our staff and our highest ranking students. There are many opportunities to reach your goals, whether you want to become a black belt or maybe even one of our future instructors.


Master Jeff Mascolina


Kukkiwon Certified Black Belt

Certified Black Belt A.A.U. 2005 (4th DAN)

Certified Black Belt: N.T.U. (7th DAN)

 Certified Level 4 Chief Master Trainer

USA Taekwondo Associate Level Coach

Certified AAU Olympic Sparring Coach

Safe Sport Certified

Weapons Expert


Instructor Dana Estes

20191105_152104 (1)

Certified Black Belt: Kukkiwon, 2016 (1st DAN)

Certified Black Belt: KICKS, 2020 (3rd DAN)






4 thoughts on “Instructors

  1. Good afternoon . This is Derek and Darlenes Dad. For the month of December I was wondering if I can freeze that month. We will be in Texas for 3 weeks that month.

  2. Hello, Im still a little new to martial arts and terms but isnt martial arts just the banner of many different forms like karate, kung fu, taekwando, etc? Just wondering because my daughter us interested in kung fu? Is this something you teach? Thank you.

    • Great to hear from you. It really depends on her age. Most of the martial arts in the earlier years for students (3-6) is very similar. As they get a little older, this is when you will see the differences. All of the styles are great that you mentioned. What I would recommend is coming in and taking advantage of our free trial. This is a great way to see if your daughter likes the class. This will also give you a chance to see our school and meet our instructors. Does that sound like something you would be interested in trying?

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